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Ref. No. 16.124 CB46 Wheel balancer for cars and trucks

CB46 Wheel balancer for cars and trucks

Art.No.: 16.124
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Price including VAT:3.957,39 €
Price excluding VAT:3.270,57 €
Package price (1 pcs) without VAT:3.270,57 €
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Ref. No. 16.124
Price without VAT
3.270,57 €
Type: Automat 2D
Use: Truck
Entering dimensions of wheel: By a measure alloy wheels / width of metal by hand
Diagnostics of wheel shape: NO
Max. rim width: 2 - 20" (50 - 500 mm)
Max. weight of the wheel: 200 kg
Shaft Thread Diameter: 40 mm
Speed of wheel rotation: Cars: 120 rpm, Trucks: 80 rpm
Working environment: 0°C do +45°C, relative humidity 20 % - 95 %
Compressed air (wheel lift): 8 bar
Max. wheel width: 590 mm
Brand: Ferdus
Display: LED display
Laser weight position indicator: YES
Max. disk diameter: 8 - 35" (200 - 890 mm)
Max. wheel diameter: 1250 mm
Accuracy: ± 1 g / ± 10 g
Length of the balancing cycle: Cars: 9 s, Trcuks: 20 s
Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Machine weight: 335 kg
Power consumption of the engine: 370 W

CB46 Wheel balancer for cars and trucks

The CB46 is based on long-established electronic parts. The machine is primarily designed for automatic balancing of large freight wheels, but by its design and equipment it also serves to balance the wheels of passenger cars because in CAR and VAN settings it works as a 2D personal balancer. The machine automatically stops in the non-weft position and the center of gravity is marked by the laser. Pleasant work contributes to the pneumatic wheel lift with foot control. The CB46 fully meets the requirement to balance both large and wide wheels as it has a shaft length of 410 mm.


  • Stopping in position with stepper motor
  • Laser pointer center of weights
  • Electronic internal dipstick (2D)
  • Clear LCD display
  • LED lighting space application of weights
  • Intelligent self-calibration
  • Automatic diagnostics and protection functions
  • Silent operation, low speed 120/80 rpm

2 ALU modes.
Two balancing modes:
1) passenger car tires (high precision balance ± 1 g)
2) Truck tires and other heavy and dimensional tires (accuracy ± 10 g)

Standard accessories

  • For passenger car wheels:
  • 4 size centering cones
  • Quick-release nut 40 mm
  • Plastic bowl with rubber cuff
  • Weighing Pliers, Obstacle Gauge

For wheels of light trucks:

  • Expansion ring diameter 230 mm

For truck wheels:

  • Expansion ring diameter 310 mm
  • 6 sizes of center cones
  • Flanged disc with threaded holes for centering with screws
  • 4-spoke pin with adjustable PINs for four-pin discs for high clamping precision
  • 5-spoke pin with adjustable PINs for 5-hole discs for high clamping precision
  • Robust nut 40 mm,
  • Intermediate freight gauge

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It was easy to show you tyre balancing of passenger car's wheel. But we said: "No!" Today's video is quite of a show with tyre balancing of truck's wheel. And you bet, that everything smaller is only easier. This baby just balances all of 'em.

Ferdus s.r.o.

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